Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chilly Dialogue

I am in NYC and it is cold outside - the snow that is pounding the midwest is on its way and lucky for me I am catching a flight before the snow falls tonight. I thought that during this chilly month of February I would focus on our communication - do you inspire people through your thoughts, words and deeds? Or are you a bit "chilly?" Recently I met a person who seemed so warm and engaging in person and then when I began to receive follow up emails from this same warm person they were a bit "chilly." Nothing that this person portrayed in "person" - warmth, caring and engaging ever showed up in their email communication. They came acrossed as if we had never met before. How can this be? How can a person be something completely different in person and then give off such a cold perception in writting? This made me think about how I come across - sometimes I can be too direct in an email but in person I am much more communicative. Let this be a lesson to all of us. Be seamless in your life. Be who you are always - in thought, word and deed!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Too Much Drama for the "Mama!"

Life shouldn't be so hard - with every organization focusing on teamwork, diversity, generational differences, employee and client engagement why do some people personally struggle with being authentic or true to ones self. I actually think that our firm - Master Connection Associates does a good job of walking the talk - but even with a talented group of HR/Training/Consulting and operational people on our team, we sometimes slip. It is about not responding to one another in a timely manner - it is about focusing on your own "agenda" and forgetting you are part of the bigger picture. No one flies solo - not me, not you and definately not your team. We need one another to really improve on the business objectives set by the shareholders - in my case the buck stops here! We walk the talk and insist that everyone is open to feedback and honesty. Years ago in my sorority we sang the song - "No Man is an Island," and I have lived those words my whole life! So humor me and sing along - No man is an island, No man stands alone, Each man's joy is joy to me, Each man's grief is my own. We need one another, So I will defend, Each man as my brother, Each man as my friend. I saw the people gather, I heard the music start, The song that they were singing, Is ringing in my heart.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Ground Hog Day 2013

It happens every year - does the ground hog see his shadow? What about your personal life - did you see your shadow this morning? Did you feel like you needed to climb back into bed or did you hit the ground running? Why are so many people worried about the future - when in fact each and everyone of us has the ability to help shape that future. Sure the economy, stock market and economic landscape can alter our thoughts, but when I really think about it that has been happening for years. Every year, there is worry about something - the ground hog pokes his head out and decides whether we are ready for spring or not? Well I am ready for spring and I am really ready to lose the worries. Are you?