Friday, January 18, 2008

Cindy Novotny Travels the World January 2008

Well it is time to begin to post my travels and my thoughts as I move across this wonderful world of ours. I took some time off over the holidays and spent it with family, but now it is up and running....things really are great...and as you all know - I love this life. I attended PCMA early this month and WOW what a great event. My session was sold out and even had overflow rooms. I spoke about my book - Living with no balance and loving it. I am amazed at all the positive feedback...too many people out there are struggling with how to be happy. I am struggling with that issue...I am very happy and I want to help anyone who isn't....if you are not happy in your job...have a crucial conversation with some one and perhaps it is time to move on. If it is your personal life, then please have a conversation. Don't just give up. This is the beginning of a new year so let's start talking. I am open as a blogger.....let me know how I can help you...there is always a new and better way. Have a great week...Cindy